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3C industry solutions

Laser processing has the characteristics of small heat affected area, fine processing and fast processing speed. It can easily realize the process that cannot be realized by conventional methods. Laser marking, laser drilling, laser precision cutting, laser welding and other applications are widely used in the production and manufacturing of 3C industry.
  • 3C industry laser micromachining
    With the development of electronic devices towards precision, miniaturization and flexibility, new electronic devices put forward higher requirements for processing technology. The unique advantages of ultrafast micromachining technology of QUICK LASER  are attracting researchers to constantly explore its application in the field of electronic manufacturing.
  • 3C industry laser welding
    Nowadays, electronic products are becoming more and more sophisticated and multifunctional. The demand for new materials and high-precision processing brought by this trend makes the advantages of laser processing remarkable. As a precision machining technology, laser welding has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and no damage to the matrix. It is widely used in the fields of mobile phones, notebooks and wearable products.

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