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Silicon Wafer Cutting Machines—FLC/UVLC Series

Laser power:15W(355nm)/50W(1064nm)

Processing width:4inch、5inch、6inch


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:±10μm

Industry application: mainly for marking, slotting and cutting of special-shaped wafers in semiconductor industry

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Product introduction
The equipment adopts advanced laser processing technology, especially for the processing and application of cutting, scribing and slotting of special-shaped (hexagonal and circular) silicon substrate wafers. The dual vision positioning cutting system independently developed by QUICK LASER effectively solves the problem that special-shaped wafers cannot be cut.
  • Silicon Wafer Cutting Machines—FLC/UVLC Series
    Mature special-shaped full cutting technology
    Excellent cutting effect, minimum thermal impact<8 µ m, clean dicing anhydrous cutting process, without post-treatment, can realize the cutting of various special-shaped wafers.
  • Silicon Wafer Cutting Machines—FLC/UVLC Series
    Powerful cutting function
    Quicklaser  qwcm silicon wafer cutting system cutting, marking dual function switchable, power real-time monitoring module.
  • Silicon Wafer Cutting Machines—FLC/UVLC Series
    High precision cutting performance
    Quicklaser  dual vision positioning system, aiming at noch free wafer processing, fully automatic wafer straightening and cutting, with comprehensive cutting accuracy less than 15 µ M.

Silicon Wafer Cutting Machines—FLC/UVLC Series Characteristic parameter

Equipment modelQL-UVLC15QL-FLC50
Laser wavelength355nm1064nm
laser power15w50w
Maximum cutting thickness120μm200μm
Scribe width20-30μm40-50μm
Overall accuracy20μm
Platform positioning accuracy5μm
Platform repeat positioning accuracy2μm
Maximum processed wafer size6’’
ambient temperature20±2℃
ambient humidity< 60%
Machine tool bodyMarble
Equipment weight1200kg
Power supply220V AC

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.

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