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Laser Drilling Machines for Glass—D Series

Laser power:10W/30W

Processing width:400mm*400mm


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:±0.01mm

Drilling depth:10mm

Industry application: 3C, glass material processing in photovoltaic industry

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Product introduction
This type of laser drilling machine adopts optical zoom feed processing mode and visual positioning to realize rapid drilling of glass. Laser drilling has the advantages of high precision, good effect and no material loss. It is widely used in photovoltaic, 3C, medical and other fields.
  • Laser Drilling Machines for Glass—D Series
    3D optical zoom
    The 3D drilling system independently developed by  quicklaser  has efficient and stable 3D optical zoom control.
  • Laser Drilling Machines for Glass—D Series
    Excellent processing quality
    According to customer requirements, a variety of high-quality laser light sources can be selected. With mature laser processing technology, there is no need for post-processing after processing. Breaking through the traditional technology can realize the processing of special-shaped holes.

Laser Drilling Machines for Glass—D Series Characteristic parameter

Equipment modelQL-D10QL-D30QL-D10GQL-D30G
Laser wavelength1064nm532nm1064nm532nm
laser power10w30w10w30w
Overall accuracy±0.05mm
Platform positioning accuracy±0.02mm
Platform repeat positioning accuracy±0.01mm
Processing format400mm*400mm
Maximum speed7000mm/s
Maximum edge collapse200μm100μm50μm20μm
Machine tool bodysteel structuresteel structuresteel structuresteel structure
Equipment weight800kg1000kg
Power supply220V220V220V220V

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.

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