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Electrical industry solutions

Electrical automation is an important symbol of the modernization of the national economy and people's life. The demand for electric power will continue to grow, and the transformation technology of the power system has also made a new leap. Domestic GIS is developing towards high voltage, large capacity and three-phase common box, with continuous improvement of performance and expanding application. Because of its own technical advantages, laser processing technology, Laser welding, electrode material cutting and marking are playing a more and more important role in the lithium battery industry.
  • Laser cutting in electrical industry
    The fiber laser cutting machine products launched by QUICK LASER can effectively cut from micron ultra-thin plates to tens of millimeters thick plates. It has significant advantages in terms of processing effect and speed. The cutting finished products have less burr, small roughness and better cutting quality and verticality.
  • Laser welding in electrical industry
    The structure of battery usually contains a variety of materials, which puts forward high requirements for welding process. QUICK LASER’s   battery module welding workstation has strong compatibility and high safety. It can achieve good welding quality whether it is welding between one material or multiple materials.

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