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Silicon Wafer Dicing Machines—FLD/UVLD Series

Laser power:15W(355nm)、20W(1064nm)

Processing width:


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:20~50μm

Maximum scribing depth:120μm

Repetitive positioning accuracy:±2μm

Industry application: GPP diode,SCR and other wafer scribing and cutting applications in semiconductor industry

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Product introduction
The equipment adopts advanced laser processing technology. The high-energy laser beam focused by the laser through the focusing lens replaces the traditional knife wheel for marking. It has the advantages of high speed, high precision, no consumables, no water processing and so on. The dual vision positioning system developed for wafers effectively solves the problems of cutting offset and withdrawal caused by wafer difference, and greatly improves the yield and production efficiency.
  • Silicon Wafer Dicing Machines—FLD/UVLD Series
    High efficiency cutting
    Automatic cutting > 600pcs / day, efficiency increased by 50%.
  • Silicon Wafer Dicing Machines—FLD/UVLD Series
    High Compatibility
    The equipment has tangent and back cutting functions and dual camera positioning mode to ensure that the rejection rate of various products is less than 8%.
  • Silicon Wafer Dicing Machines—FLD/UVLD Series
    High precision cutting
    The equipment adopts full closed-loop control system, high-precision linear module and DD motor. The flatness of cutting platform is less than 10 µ m and the comprehensive cutting accuracy is less than 20 µ M.

Silicon Wafer Dicing Machines—FLD/UVLD Series Characteristic parameter

Equipment modelQL-UVLD15QL-FLD20
Laser wavelength355nm1064nm
laser power15w20w
Maximum scribe depth80μm100μm
Scribe width20-30μm40-50μm
Overall accuracy10μm10μm
Platform positioning accuracy5μm5μm
Platform repeat positioning accuracy2μm2μm
Maximum processed wafer size6”6”
Maximum scribing speed100mm/s200mm/s
ambient temperature20±2℃20±2℃
ambient humidity< 60%< 60%
Machine tool bodyMarbleMarble
Power supply220V AC220V AC

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.

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