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Laser Soldering Machines—SD Series

Laser power:

Processing width:


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:

laser power:50W-200W

Weldable materials: circuit board, connector, camera, 3C consumer electronics

Customization: strong customization ability to provide customers with system solutions

Suitable industries: 3C consumer electronics, precision electronics and other industries

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Product introduction
QUICK LASER tin welder adopts semiconductor laser, laser welding head, welding fixtures, dust extraction system, temperature closed-loop control system, CCD visual positioning system and motion control system, which can realize high-quality and stable welding. According to the customer's product characteristics, wire laser soldering, paste laser soldering, tin ball laser welding and solder ball spraying welding can be realized.
  • Laser Soldering Machines—SD Series
    Safe and reliable, simple operation
    The laser and motion control integrated fully enclosed structure is adopted, which is simple and convenient to operate. The welding fixture can be customized, and complete turnkey project.
  • Laser Soldering Machines—SD Series
    Closed loop control, visual positioning
    Adopting temperature closed-loop control system, to monitor the solder joint temperature and adjust process parameters in real time. The coaxial CCD visual positioning ensures the welding accuracy and high welding stability.
  • Laser Soldering Machines—SD Series
    Low heat effect and high welding quality
    Non-contact welding, small solder joint, small heat affected area and no damage to components in the welding area.

Laser Soldering Machines—SD Series Characteristic parameter

Equipment modelQL-SD50QL-SD100QL-SD200
laser power50W100W200W
Laser wavelength808/980nm
Standard optical fiber200μm-5m400μm-5m400μm-5m
Minimum spot (mm)
Power demand220V/50Hz
Maximum power consumption1KW1.5KW2KW
Cooling modeAir cooling technology
Aiming and positioningRed light indication + CCD vision
control system designPC

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.

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