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Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines—28BK Series

Laser power:

Processing width:


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:

Clamping range: φ 15-280mm

Independent design patent chuck

Intelligent software is easy to operate

Large load range

Maximum power:20000W

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Product introduction
Independently developed and patented chuck has simple and stable structure, good sealing and motion characteristics, and can clamp square tube, round tube, elliptical tube, I-beam and other materials.

The three-chuck processing mode meets the requirements that the cutting head cuts the tailings between the two chucks, so as to improve the cutting accuracy of the tailings. Fast radium laser pipe cutting machine is widely used in many industries such as fitness equipment, automobile manufacturing, thermal insulation containers, office furniture, agricultural machinery, high-altitude operation, hardware products and so on.

  • Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines—28BK Series
    Independent design patent chuck 
    The invention patent of intelligent chuck and the double roller clamping design structure can reduce the shaking of pipe, improve the cutting accuracy, and the intelligent clamping force is adjustable; The adjustment accuracy is ± 1.0k, which can avoid the deformation of pipe clamp; The chuck is equipped with dust suction and slag suction port, which is environmentally friendly and has a wide range of claws. It can clamp various types of pipes such as round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, channel steel, angle steel, special-shaped pipe and so on.
  • Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines—28BK Series
    Intelligent software  Convenient operation
    The latest version of quick 4.0 cutting system is equipped with nesting software and track graphics. The graphics processing track is fast and convenient and the programming efficiency is high.
  • Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines—28BK Series
    Heavy load  Wide range
    Independently developed chuck with large clamping range and high bearing capacity. The maximum clamping range can reach 280mm and the maximum bearing capacity can reach 0.7T, filling the gap of heavy pipe cutting demand. The clamping force of the claw is intelligently adjustable, and the clamping range can be quickly replaced according to the pipe range.
  • Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines—28BK Series
    Semi automatic feeding  Efficient and labor-saving
    With the semi-automatic feeding structure, multiple pipes can be arranged and placed, and automatically sent to the middle of the chuck diameter one by one according to the cutting progress, which is convenient, fast, efficient and labor-saving.

Three-chuck Laser Tube Cutting Machines—28BK Series Characteristic parameter

Property / modelFCT7028BK
laser power1500W-20000W
Machining dimension of round tubeφ15-φ280mm
Square tube processing size□15*15-195*195mm
positioning accuracy±0.05mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.05mm
Maximum positioning speed of Y axis80m/min
Chuck speed80r/min
Maximum bearing capacity of single pipe200kg

*All technical parameters are subject to the latest technical plan.

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