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FPC/PCB Precision Cutting Machines—U Series

Laser power:

Processing width:


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:

laser power:15W/30W/35W

Laser wavelength:355nm/532nm

Processing format:300mm*300mm/500mm*500mm

Comprehensive cutting accuracy:±25μm

Industry application: PCB, FPC, PI film, etc

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Product introduction

This series of precision cutting machines are suitable for SMT production line. With advanced solid-state laser as cutting light source and quick cutting 2.0 cutting system independently developed by xunla, high-quality and high-efficiency cutting can be realized.

  • FPC/PCB Precision Cutting Machines—U Series
    Professional solutions
    Modular design, a variety of cutting methods are optional, compact design, to meet the needs of customer equipment layout.
  • FPC/PCB Precision Cutting Machines—U Series
    Strong processing performance
    High performance laser configuration, excellent laser technology, no material loss and low cost.
  • FPC/PCB Precision Cutting Machines—U Series
    High precision cutting performance
    Quicklaser independently develops the precision cutting system, which is simple and convenient to use, high-precision hardware matching, full closed-loop real-time feedback control, quick vision positioning system, and has the functions of platform self-correction, focus self-correction and so on.

FPC/PCB Precision Cutting Machines—U Series Characteristic parameter

Equipment modelQL-U15QL-U30QL-U35
Laser wavelength355nm355nm532nm
laser power15w30w35w
Maximum cutting thickness1mm1mm2mm
Pulse width15ns10ps30ns
Overall accuracy25μm25μm50μm
Platform positioning accuracy5μm5μm5μm
Platform repeat positioning accuracy2μm2μm2μm
Cutting format300mm*300mm*30mm500mm*500mm*30mm300mm*300mm*30mm
Maximum power of equipment3KW3.5KW3KW
Spot diameter20μm10μm20μm
ambient temperature20±2℃20±2℃20±2℃
ambient humidity<60%<60%< 60%
Machine tool bodyMarbleMarbleMarble
Power supply220V220V220V
Body size1600mm*1700mm*1500mm2000mm*1900mm*1600mm1310mm*1120mm*2285mm

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.

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