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Construction machinery solutions

Laser cutting machines are widely used in construction machinery, such as concrete, cranes, pavement machines, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire-fighting machinery, sanitation machinery and other products. QUICK LASER laser high-power plate laser cutting machine, three-dimensional laser cutting machine, pipe laser cutting machine and laser automation are widely used in the industry, and provide a wide range of complete solutions for the engineering machinery industry to help enterprises improve production efficiency.
  • Construction machinery - high power laser cutting
    In the manufacturing process of construction machinery, a large number of round holes, square holes and special-shaped holes need to be cut on plates of various thicknesses, which has a large demand and high precision requirements. Using laser cutting and blanking can quickly cut products without secondary processing, which greatly improves the production efficiency and product quality and improves the manufacturing speed of construction machinery.
    Engineering Machinery
  • Construction machinery - high efficiency laser tube cutting
    Many pipes will be used in the production and manufacturing of construction machinery, such as square pipe, round pipe, T-shaped steel, etc. QUICK LASER laser fiber laser pipe cutting function can realize the automatic processing of all actions and functions of pipes from feeding, length measurement, cutting to blanking, which greatly reduces the processing time and manpower.
    Engineering Machinery

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