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Flexible Production Lines of Sheet Cutting—PCFS Series

Laser power:1500 W - 20000 W (Optional)

Processing width:3015-2510(Optional)

Dimension:According to the arrangement

Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:±0.02 mm

Cutting material thickness:16mm (Optional)

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Product introduction
The flexible plate cutting production line is an automatic blanking production line based on QUICK LASER new series of cutting machines, equipped with full-automatic loading and unloading and sorting system, combined with AGV / RGV and conveying line. It has the advantages of automation, intelligence and low labor cost, and provides in-depth customized services according to customers' different needs.
  • Flexible Production Lines of Sheet Cutting—PCFS Series
    The flexible production line for plate cutting combines the management software of the upper layer: Warehousing (WMS / WCS system), MES / ERP, nesting, SCAD, etc. through the intelligent coordination and scheduling of the self-developed middle layer: ATS central control management system, it is distributed to the lower executive unit: such as material warehouse system, automatic loading and unloading system, laser cutting, leveling, bending and other modules, So as to realize the intelligent production of the whole production line.
  • Flexible Production Lines of Sheet Cutting—PCFS Series

    Management board of ATS central control system: real time update of order tasks; Real time display of current task status and achievement rate; Real time monitoring of working status and maintenance information of lower equipment; Monitor the operation of the production line in real time, and automatically generate daily, weekly, monthly and other relevant data.

  • Flexible Production Lines of Sheet Cutting—PCFS Series

    The modular design can be matched freely according to product requirements, and the intelligent flexible production line more suitable for you can be customized.

    It can integrate modules such as material warehouse system + automatic loading and unloading system + laser cutting + intelligent sorting system + automatic deburring + automatic leveling + automatic bending system + intelligent welding system + automatic surface treatment.

  • Flexible Production Lines of Sheet Cutting—PCFS Series
    Large format  High load

    Maximum support 12m * 2.5m plate

    The maximum weight of a single sheet can reach 3T

    Customizable supporting plane plate Library

Flexible Production Lines of Sheet Cutting—PCFS Series Characteristic parameter

NameparameterUnit element
Working area3015/4020/6020/8025/2510/2512
Max sheet weight3T
Feeding modeVacuum suction cup / vacuum suction cup + electric permanent magnet hybrid
Blanking methodPlug in / full coverage electric permanent magnet
Maximum feeding thickness16mm
Maximum feeding sizeAccording to the processing format
X-axis strokeCustomized
Z-axis strokeCustomized
X-axis speedCustomized
Z-axis speedCustomized
Matching raw material warehouseStereo library / plane Library

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme.。

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