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Ultra-thin and ultra-thin tube laser cutting machine-L16 series

Laser power:

Processing width:


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:

Clamping range: φ10mm-φ160mm

Customized to meet customer specifications

Thin tube is not deformed, cutting without burning marks                                                         

Minimum wall thickness>0.5mm                                      
Short feeding time and fast processing speed

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Product introduction

Ultra-thin and ultra-thin tube laser cutting machine - L16 series dual-chuck laser tube cutting machine is aimed at customers who need to cut small tubes and thin tubes.

The bed has a low-height structure and is easy to load; the inclined tooth surface is designed to face down, which completely solves the pain points of rack dust accumulation and material jamming in the industry. The chuck precision adjustment is simple, and the rear clamping jaws are independently controlled, which can meet the needs of customers to change the loose clamp arbitrarily. The method and structure are mature, stable and reliable, the service is timely, the accessories are sufficient, and there are advantages such as anti-collision detection. Provide fully automatic loading and unloading mechanism and ultimate nanny service according to customer needs, so that customers can use our company's products with confidence.

  • Core Technology
    Configure bus system, multi-axis linkage, multi-machine linkage, strong scalability. QUICK LASER has been deeply involved in the field of pipe cutting for many years, and has a mature and complete splicing process library, which is convenient for customers to operate and can be called directly.
  • Self-developed chuck
    The accuracy of the chuck is easy to adjust, and the rear clamping jaws can be independently controlled, which can meet the different specifications of the customer's pipe loosening method, and the chuck can hold the minimum wall thickness of 0.5mm for cutting pipes.
  • Ultra stable machine
    The machine is equipped with 4 sets of supporting pipe structures. It can better support the pipe, and the pipe clamping and centering mechanism is installed on the support. Make sure that the pipe is in the center of the chuck when feeding, so as to avoid the deflection of the pipe.
  • Fast running speed and high cutting efficiency
    It has the characteristics of fast processing speed, no deformation of thin tubes, high cutting accuracy, and no burning marks on the back of small tubes. The feeding speed is 150m/min, the rotation speed is 150rpm, and the cutting speed is fast; the feeding logic is simple, the feeding time is 16S, and the efficiency is high.

Ultra-thin and ultra-thin tube laser cutting machine-L16 series Characteristic parameter

Sample display
Corollary equipment

Size of the round tube¢10  mm-¢160 mm
Size of Square tube processing□10 mm-□100 mm
Y-axis Stroke6100 mm
X-axis Stroke400mm
A and B itineraryinfinite spin
Z-axis Stroke250mm
Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm/m
Maximum dry running speed150m/min
Maximum idle speed150rpm
Blanking length≤ 1500mm
Tailing length≥60mm
Maximum quality of a single pipe60KG (unit per meter≤10kg)

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