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CO2 Laser Marking Machines—CO2L Series

Laser power:10W/30W/50W/100W/150W

Processing width:100mm*100mm(Optional)


Cutting material and thickness:

Line width:

Maximum scribing depth:

Repetitive positioning accuracy:±0.02mm

Application Industry: it is widely used in marking and cutting non-metallic materials such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, mobile phone shell, notebook and flat shell, wire stripping, film cutting, PCB bar code, shell nameplate and so on

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Product introduction
The equipment adopts the metal RF tube laser imported from the United States as the laser light source, and the optical components adopt the imported coating configuration to ensure the stability of the laser and the high-quality performance of processing. Combined with the fast radium quick marking system, it is especially suitable for the marking, cutting and drilling applications of non-metallic materials.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines—CO2L Series
    Excellent marking effect
    The equipment adopts 10.6 μ M laser has high beam quality, high peak power, and the minimum spot can reach 0.1mm. The optical system and scanning system are imported to ensure the marking quality and stability.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines—CO2L Series
    Super long service life
    The equipment adopts metal RF tube laser, which has the characteristics of low failure rate and long service life. The average failure free rate of the laser is more than 30000h, and can be recharged.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machines—CO2L Series
    Modular extension
    According to customer requirements, x, y, Z axis and rotation axis expansion modules can be added, and the lower coaxial image system can be combined with xunla motion expansion module control system to realize more diversified processing methods.

CO2 Laser Marking Machines—CO2L Series Characteristic parameter

Laser power10W30W55W100W150W
Overall power consumption600W2000W
Cooling modeAir coolingAir cooling
Laser wavelength10.6μm
Pulse frequency1~50KHZ
Engraving range70mm*70mm(Optional)
Maximum writing speed7000mm/s
Minimum linewidth0.1mm
Minimum word height0.5mm
Power supply220V

*All technical parameters shall be subject to the latest technical scheme

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