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Aerospace solutions

The applications of laser processing technology in aerospace manufacturing mainly include laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling, laser surface treatment, laser additive manufacturing and so on. Laser cutting processing technology is a key manufacturing technology to promote the development of moving vehicle tools represented by aviation and aerospace to the direction of high performance, lightweight, long life, short cycle and low cost, which greatly promotes the leapfrog development of aviation manufacturing technology.
  • Aerospace laser cutting
    Hundreds of parts of each part of an aeroengine from inlet to tail nozzle need laser cutting. QUICK LASER’s  machine has solved many processing problems, such as cutting of difficult machining materials for aeroengines, efficient machining of group holes of large thin-walled parts, high-precision cutting of blade holes of parts, machining of special surface parts.                
  • Aerospace laser welding
    Light alloys such as titanium alloy and aluminum alloy are the main structural materials in the field of aerospace and aviation, and have high requirements for welding technology. By studying the welding characteristics of materials, QUICK LASER  laser has developed welding equipment such as high-power laser welding machine and laser arc hybrid welding machine, etc.. Widely used in the production and manufacturing of aerospace structural parts, engine parts, etc..                      

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