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Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines

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It mainly includes: 3C industry laser welding machine, elevator industry laser welding machine, automobile industry laser welding machine, kitchen and bathroom industry laser welding machine, resistance laser welding machine, laser online pipe welding machine, hardware industry laser welding machine, battery industry laser welding machine, instrument and meter laser welding machine

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Product introduction
QUICK LASER has a strong  team to deeply explore the difficulties of the industry and provide customers with laser welding and automation system solutions. Its products cover new energy battery industry, automobile industry, 3C electronics industry, aerospace, rail transit, kitchen and bathroom industry, hardware industry, instrumentation and military industry.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    Laser welding workstation in automobile industry
    The welding workstation is composed of fiber laser, chiller, six-axis industrial robot, weld seam tracking, welding fixture, safety protection room, dust extraction system, regulated power supply and monitoring system. Welding quality detection can be optional. With high degree of automation, stable production process and traceable data, it is suitable for automobile parts welding.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    New energy battery module production line
    The whole line has the functions of intelligent sorting, plasma cleaning, quantitative gluing, automatic stacking, laser cleaning, Busbar welding, side seam welding, DCRI testing, module information traceability and whole line data collection.High degree of automation and strong compatibility, different combination of the same cell can be automatically mixed production.The whole line tracing data is synchronized and connected with MES system.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    Motor stator and rotor welding workstation
    The motor stator and rotor welding workstation is composed of fiber laser, chiller, welding joint, visual inspection, servo press, welding fixture, dust extraction system and control system. It has the advantages of automatic identification of welds, no pores and cracks in welding, large welding strength and small deformation. Optional ranging, weighing, marking and other functions.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    3C industry
    With the upgrading of 3C consumer electronics towards high integration and high precision, its internal accessories are becoming smaller and smaller, and the traditional welding process can not meet the requirements. QUICK LASER QCW laser welding machine, nanosecond laser welding machine and semiconductor tin welding machine, with advantages of good beam quality, small spot and high welding quality .
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    Hardware industry
    According to the product characteristics of the hardware industry, such as poor dimensional accuracy, large weld gap and many product types,QUICK LASER launched a special machine for the hardware industry. The equipment consists of six-axis industrial robot, fiber laser and swing welding head, customized welding fixture, and can be equipped with weld tracking or CCD visual hardware industry problems can be solved perfectly.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    Pump impeller welding workstation
    The pump impeller welding workstation is composed of fiber laser, water chiller, welding joint, six-axis industrial robot, welding fixture, dust extraction system and control system, which can realize impeller welding of various specifications such as 15 square, 20 square, 32 square, 45 square and 90 square.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    Laser cladding processing system
    The laser cladding system is composed of fiber laser, chiller, six-axis industrial robot, high-precision and high load chuck, powder feeding system and cladding control system. It can realize laser cylindrical cladding and inner hole cladding, and expand the process requirements of laser welding and laser quenching.
  • Industry-specific Laser Welding Machines
    Large gantry laser welding system
    The large gantry laser welding system is composed of fiber laser, water chiller, six-axis industrial robot, synchronous double drive gantry, dust extraction system, monitoring system and control system. It can be configured with weld tracking, positioner, wire feeder and MIG welder. It can realize laser self fusion welding, laser wire filling and laser arc hybrid welding. It is widely used in rail transit, port shipbuilding, engineering machinery and military industries.

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