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Steel structure engineering solutions

In the field of steel structure engineering processing, about 73% of the processing operations need to be completed with the help of laser cutting technology. At present, quicklaser  cutting technology has developed rapidly in the direction of thick plate and large size. As a processing technology frequently used and widely used in large-scale industrial fields, laser cutting technology has played a positive role in promoting the development of the whole industry both from its development prospect and the importance of application.
  • Laser cutting of steel structure engineering
    Compared with traditional cutting, quicklaser  cutting technology has the advantages of high precision, strong adaptability, low noise and good cutting quality. For some complex processing operations completed with the help of large abrasives, the application of laser cutting technology not only does not need to apply abrasives, but also ensures the cutting quality.
    Steel Structure Engineering
  • Laser tube cutting for steel structure engineering
    According to the needs of the industry, quicklaser  laser has developed a variety of pipe cutting equipment and automation equipment, such as special laser cutting machine for pipe and on-line pipe cutting machine. At the same time, it has a series of processing technologies and equipment, such as laser pipe drawing and welding, which are second to none in China.
    Steel Structure Engineering

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